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"너로된 이불, Blanket of you" 2009

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Lita Albuquerque'Stellar Axis' (2006)

"California-based artist Lita Albuquerque led an expedition to Antarctica, near the south pole in the creation of her global installation ‘Stellar Axis’, a creative enterprise which became the first and largest ephemeral artwork created on the continent. Albuquerque and a team of researchers and astronomers situated 99 fabricated blue spheres on the Earth’s icy surface, the placement of each corresponding to the location of one specific stars in the sky above. during orbit, the displacement between the original positions of the stars and the vibrantly coloured orbs drew an invisible spiral of our planet spinning in motion, creating a terrestrial constellation at the earth’s pole”.

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Yusaku Kamekura, Logos, Signets & Trademarks, 1963-66. Japan > aquavelvet.

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A teaspoon that follows a cup around a table and a clock that mimics the actions of the person in front of it were among projects presented by students from Swiss university ECAL in Milan

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Visa pour l’art - passport to discovery Parisian crafts - design of the cover and of 4 stamps.

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Jeppe Hein

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