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Fall 2014 Editors Pick
Opens Sept 7:

Satan Ceramics
 Mary Frey, Pat McCarthy, JJ PEET and Tom Sachs

Salon 94 Freemans,  Freeman Alley, NYC
(off Rivington, b/t Bowery & Chrystie St)

The four New York-based artists, friends and collaborators included in Satan Ceramics, shape clay with a sense of irreverence, rites and ritual.  Process, politics, labor, the handmade, tradition, humor, gossip, danger, historical nods and punk sensibilities are ultimately tied to the underlying collaborative strategies of integrity of the material and sincerity of the object. As Frey puts it, “Our weekly ritual takes place within the clubhouse where we eat together, share knowledge, discuss, make pots, talk shit and dream.” The artists use ceramics with other materials that are often non-traditional media. - thru Oct 25

pictured: Tom Sachs, Cyclops, 2014
Porcelain, stereo components, bamboo, and Sharpie markers

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☆ A new mix 

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william o’brien jr - twins houses in five parts

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MAMM Design

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Miniature tabletop forest by FRAGILEtaller on Etsy.

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Photograph by Paul Jung

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Wade Guyton
26 avril - 7 juin 2008, March 15 - April 19, 2014

From the Press Release:

"For his second solo show at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Wade Guyton returns to his exhibition six years ago. Using the same digital file to make ten black paintings in 2008, he makes ten more. The printer is an Epson 9900, the model that replaced the Epson 9600. The ink is now UltraChrome with Vivid Magenta Technology.

This time it’s 10.7.51. It’s in the cloud, but it’s also in the floor and the walls. After all, that exhibition is embedded in the building, formed by the gallery contours. Time turned material. More metamorphic than sedimentary. The density has increased. Condensed into a single work. The noise is louder. The floor is covered with plywood again and painted, bringing the feeling back to our feet again.”

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Finn Juhl’s house is the absolute dream~

Those couches mmmm

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